Software Development in India

It begins with a thorough comprehension of the business goals and requirements of our clients and ends with delivering a custom solution that excels their expectations. Some of the best minds in the industry use cutting-edge tools and technologies to make this possible.

For us, software development is a lot more than just coding and delivery.

What we do



Right from business requirement analysis, conceptualization, architecture, development, testing to training and maintenance, we offer one-stop software development services to our clients. Our extensive experience in the industry enables our experts to start projects across any stage of the product development lifecycle.



Want to integrate an existing software solution with a custom product? Our software integration services can make this possible. If you are looking for a way to integrate a 3rd party solution into your IT infrastructure, our integration specialists are here to help.



As a leading custom software solution provider, we are well-versed with all the latest trends and advancements in UI/UX. Rest assured that the final product will be easy-to-use, engaging, and something that your team would like to use on a regular basis.



One of the USPs of Microlent is our vast expertise across programming languages. No matter if you want to build software with .Net, Native, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Java, PHP, HTML or CSS, we are available at your service. If you are unable to decide, our experts can also help you choose a language that better matches your requirements and existing systems.

Why us

Innovative and Unique Software Solution

The needs and expectations of businesses are seldom the same. Only a customized solution that is developed as per the unique needs of a business ensures that the product is equipped with functionalities and features that enable them to streamline and improve their business processes.

Improved Scalability

Over time, every business starts looking for software solutions to assist them in scaling their operations. More often than not, off-the-shelf software solutions are unable to support this growth and scaling requirements. And modifying such solutions is bound to introduce bugs and anomalies. Custom software development is an effective solution to eliminate these scalability challenges.

Boost ROI

By improving employee drive and productivity, custom software solutions help boost revenue. Also, unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom software does not require additional hardware or the expensive monthly payment that several software providers charge. In simple dollar terms, this makes custom solutions a wiser investment.

Dive into the

Microlent Process

microservices architecture
01 Discover
Research Stage

In the research stage, the focus is on gathering insights to define project goals and understand user needs. This phase involves market analysis, competitor research, and exploration of technologies.

microservices architecture
02 Define
Problem Identification Stage

In the problem identification stage, the primary focus is on understanding the challenges and issues faced by users or stakeholders. This involves gathering feedback, conducting surveys, and analyzing data to pinpoint specific pain points that the software aims to address.

microservices architecture
03 Design
Problem Solving Stage

In the problem-solving stage, the emphasis shifts towards devising solutions to the identified challenges. This involves brainstorming, designing prototypes, and evaluating potential approaches to address the problems effectively.

microservices architecture
04 Deliver
Delivery Stage

In the delivery stage, the focus is on implementing and deploying the developed solutions to end-users. This phase involves coding, testing, and refining the software to ensure it meets quality standards before release.

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