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As the world of technology is changing rapidly, every business now needs to function as a technology-first business. At Microlent Systems, our software and hardware experience enables businesses to take advantage of the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution with the lowest time-to-market.

As the world of technology is changing rapidly, every business now needs to function as a technology-first business.

What we do



The hardware movement of the IoT revolution is probably the most exciting. The process has become highly agile and coming to terms with software development. From PCB designing, rapid prototyping, manufacturing specifications, industrial design to Q/A testing, you can trust Microlent for any or all the aspects of IoT hardware integration.



The coding process of an IoT device is what makes it “smart.” Our developers can assist you throughout the process to help you discover use cases and finalize a user-friendly design of your software project. Embedded systems programming, machine learning, networking and infrastructure, Big Data, web apps, and mobile apps are some of the designing services we offer.



IoT devices can be integrated with central hubs, smartphones, routers, and even to each other. As we can handle the hardware and software development process, you can rest assured that the integration would be hassle-free and powerful. This will also help you save time and prevent downtime which is often the case due to lack of integration.

Why us

One-Stop IOT/Hardware Integration Service Provider

It is necessary for most IoT projects to readily integrate with hardware, cloud software, user interfaces, and more. While IoT in itself has loads of applications in the business world, this integration determines its usability. We offer full-fledged IoT development and integration services to ensure that our clients can rely on us at every step of the process.

Join the IOT Revolution

Devices powered by IoT are able to record and transmit data so that crucial business processes can be monitored in real-time. The data boosts efficiency, offers valuable insights, and improves decision-making. We help businesses leverage this next-gen technology in the most seamless manner through our trusted services and solutions.

Improve Customer Experience

The real-time analysis and diagnostics capabilities of IoT are what set it apart from traditional technologies. It makes monitoring and value finding easier so that businesses can develop great insights and enhance their offerings. Ultimately, this enables businesses to improve customer experience.

Dive into the

Microlent Process

microservices architecture
01 Discover
Research Stage

In the research stage, the focus is on gathering insights to define project goals and understand user needs. This phase involves market analysis, competitor research, and exploration of technologies.

microservices architecture
02 Define
Problem Identification Stage

In the problem identification stage, the primary focus is on understanding the challenges and issues faced by users or stakeholders. This involves gathering feedback, conducting surveys, and analyzing data to pinpoint specific pain points that the software aims to address.

microservices architecture
03 Design
Problem Solving Stage

In the problem-solving stage, the emphasis shifts towards devising solutions to the identified challenges. This involves brainstorming, designing prototypes, and evaluating potential approaches to address the problems effectively.

microservices architecture
04 Deliver
Delivery Stage

In the delivery stage, the focus is on implementing and deploying the developed solutions to end-users. This phase involves coding, testing, and refining the software to ensure it meets quality standards before release.

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