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Automated tasks have significantly higher efficiency and accuracy compared to manual development processes. Resource costs are also reduced, and time-to-market could reach unprecedented levels. Microlent offers DevOps infrastructure automation services to ensure reliable, compliant, and faster delivery.

Automated tasks have significantly higher efficiency and accuracy compared to manual development processes.

What we do



As one of the leading continuous delivery platforms, cloud provider, and orchestrator, Azure DevOps from Microsoft offers an end-to-end toolchain for building and deploying software solutions. We can build Azure DevOps pipeline and deploy infrastructure automation to make your development process more agile and time-efficient.



Containerization is a crucial part of building a DevOps environment. Kubernetes is commonly used as an orchestrator for handling multiple such applications. We offer Kubernetes consulting and docker-as-a-service solutions to enable our clients to handle this critical step in the most seamless manner by only trusting reliable and proven tools and services.



An effective devops strategy is a must for every business wanting to switch to the cloud ecosystem. As your DevOps implementation partner, Microlent can assess your current approach, examine pipelines and infrastructures, and recommend correct tools and methodologies to help you make the most of this upgrade.

Why us

Market-Leading Approach

Our certified experts utilize cutting-edge, modern DevOps orchestration and automation tools for automating and managing your infrastructure. The deployed projects and tools are consistently optimized and improved for streamlining and accelerating the development process.

Boost Productivity

As automated processes reduce manual burden, DevOps infrastructure automation is one of the most effective ways for businesses to boost overall productivity. Moreover, apart from the development process, even testing procedures are automated to minimize chances of failure and improve the quality of the end product.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

With automated processes efficiently managing every aspect of the development cycle, DevOps automation ensures Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). This helps businesses reorganize their processes for faster delivery and effectively achieve “Zero Downtime Deployment.”

Dive into the

Microlent Process

microservices architecture
01 Discover
Research Stage

In the research stage, the focus is on gathering insights to define project goals and understand user needs. This phase involves market analysis, competitor research, and exploration of technologies.

microservices architecture
02 Define
Problem Identification Stage

In the problem identification stage, the primary focus is on understanding the challenges and issues faced by users or stakeholders. This involves gathering feedback, conducting surveys, and analyzing data to pinpoint specific pain points that the software aims to address.

microservices architecture
03 Design
Problem Solving Stage

In the problem-solving stage, the emphasis shifts towards devising solutions to the identified challenges. This involves brainstorming, designing prototypes, and evaluating potential approaches to address the problems effectively.

microservices architecture
04 Deliver
Delivery Stage

In the delivery stage, the focus is on implementing and deploying the developed solutions to end-users. This phase involves coding, testing, and refining the software to ensure it meets quality standards before release.

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