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Microlent is a top company for AI and ML solutions. We offer the latest machine learning services in India, USA, Japan, and Dubai. Our expert services help businesses grow with smart technology and innovative solutions. Visit us to learn more about how our AI and ML solutions can help you succeed and stay ahead in the market today!

Boost your business with our top-notch AI and ML solutions, making it easier to innovate, improve efficiency, and make smart decisions for growth.

What we do



While there is no shortage of available data, the process of accessing data and finding valuable insights can be very complex and time-consuming. Our leading data architecture methodologies enable us to devise a more simplified and practical approach to data accessibility and value finding using AI and ML solutions. The overall IT infrastructure can significantly benefit from our custom solutions, and businesses can also protect themselves against expensive upgrades and transformations.



We can design and implement an extensive range of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) solutions, including Chatbots, Image Processing, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, ML Model Development, and NLP (Natural Language Processing). As each solution is built around the needs and goals of specific clients, they can future-proof businesses across verticals and eliminate industry-wide or business-specific challenges.



From data capturing to building and implementing advanced data models, we manage every aspect of the process to ensure that our clients are able to leverage AI and ML technologies in a hassle-free and time-efficient manner. Even after deployment, we continue improving and refining the solutions for guaranteed success.

Why us

AI/ML Experts You Can Trust

We can build and implement highly efficient and complex algorithms that match your custom business processes. Our AI developers and data scientists strategically build algorithms from scratch as per the datasets of our clients to help them overcome their core challenges and take advantage of future opportunities.

Industry-Wide Expertise

Every industry can benefit from these cutting-edge technologies in multiple ways. Whether you are involved in advertising, healthcare, real estate, travel or tourism, capital market, or retail, we can discover and build AI and ML-based solutions fully dedicated to your business or industry to empower your growth.

Explore New Markets with Confidence

AI and ML technologies are abundantly relied upon for their predictive capabilities. We can build powerful algorithms and solutions powered by these technologies to help businesses evaluate the risks and opportunities of expanding to a new market or service or product category.

Dive into the

Microlent Process

microservices architecture
01 Discover
Research Stage

In the research stage, the focus is on gathering insights to define project goals and understand user needs. This phase involves market analysis, competitor research, and exploration of technologies.

microservices architecture
02 Define
Problem Identification Stage

In the problem identification stage, the primary focus is on understanding the challenges and issues faced by users or stakeholders. This involves gathering feedback, conducting surveys, and analyzing data to pinpoint specific pain points that the software aims to address.

microservices architecture
03 Design
Problem Solving Stage

In the problem-solving stage, the emphasis shifts towards devising solutions to the identified challenges. This involves brainstorming, designing prototypes, and evaluating potential approaches to address the problems effectively.

microservices architecture
04 Deliver
Delivery Stage

In the delivery stage, the focus is on implementing and deploying the developed solutions to end-users. This phase involves coding, testing, and refining the software to ensure it meets quality standards before release.

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