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As smartphone users continue to rise drastically, this is an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience through mobile applications. Microlent offers secure, robust, and rapid mobile/tablet application development services across native platforms, such as Android and iOS, and cross-platform applications in Android Native, iOS Native, React Native, and Flutter, to help businesses make the most of this exciting opportunity.

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Fully-Tailored Mobile App Solutions

Our custom mobile/tablet application development services ensure that the product fully meets your specific goals and enables you to get closer to your business objectives. From researching, designing, building, to deploying and testing, our expert developers manage every aspect to build user-friendly mobile apps that support your native, cross-platform, and hybrid app requirements.

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Boost Customer Engagement

Creatively designed apps with valuable features are among the most effective ways for businesses to improve customer engagement. With the corporate landscape abundantly focusing on customer experience, our well-developed mobile applications have the ability to offer an enhanced experience, attract more customers, and convert existing customers into loyal brand advocates.

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Add Revenue Channels

Apart from improving engagement, mobile applications also pave the path for additional revenue. Businesses now monetize their apps in several ways, making these applications an excellent way to add new revenue channels and boost business profitability. As per your revenue or monetization strategy, we can customize the application to perfectly match your requirements.

What We Do

Native App Development

These are mobile applications developed for a specific operating system (OS), like Android or iOS. Your audience can access these native mobile/tablet applications from the respective app stores. iOS App Development, Android App Development, and Swift App Development are some of the platforms used for building native applications.

Cross-Platform App Development

If you are looking for a single mobile application that could be used by people across operating systems, a feature-packed cross-platform app is what you need. With this development methodology, an app can be used across platforms such as Android, iOS, and more. Flutter App Development, and React Native Development are commonly used to build cross-platform apps.

Hybrid App Development

Businesses aiming for a faster time to market at a reduced development cost can consider our hybrid app development services. While these applications possess multiple native elements based on the platform for which they are developed, they also utilize web app elements through a browser. Xamarin and Visual Studio are commonly used for developing hybrid apps.

End-To-End Mobile App Development

Whether you are looking for a native app or a cross-platform product, you can always rely on our experience and knowledge to deliver leading mobility solutions that have been tailored as per your specific requirements. We also offer Wearable App Development, IoT App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and Progressive Web App Development services, making Microlent your go-to solution for custom app development.

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