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Whether an enterprise wants to discover data-driven insights, switch to the cloud, build a customer-focused organization, or offer IT-powered revenue-creating services, Microlent provides an extensive range of data analytics solutions to help you succeed.

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Building a Proactive Enterprise

The digital revolution has unlocked numerous customer touchpoints. To become more competitive and future-proof operations, it is necessary for modern businesses to effectively combine the digital and traditional data sources for better understanding of the customers. Our cutting-edge data analytics solutions make this a possibility.

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Minimize Risk and Fraud

The financial, intellectual, and physical assets of every organization, whether big or small, are under constant internal and external threats. Our fraud prevention and security solutions utilize advanced technologies to help our clients minimize risks and prevent fraud.

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Improve Decision-Making

Data analytics also help minimize financial losses and improve decision-making. With the help of predictive analytics, businesses can have a thorough understanding of the outcome of several events. On the other hand, prescriptive analytics holds the key to how businesses can better react to such events.

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What We Do

Data Warehousing

From ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) to ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) designing and implementation, we help businesses with our advanced data warehousing consultation and solutions. Businesses across industries also rely on our data governance management services, covering data quality, data availability, and data security.


Enterprise data communicates valuable insights but only if it is visualized in the right manner. We use the latest data platforms, visualization techniques, and business intelligence tools to help our clients make sense of the confusing numbers, reports, and data, enabling them to make smarter business decisions.

Analysis & Reporting

The complexity and volume of unstructured data can be overwhelming for businesses unless they don’t have a dedicated team. Outsource your data analysis and reporting process to Microlent to ensure that the best minds and technologies are utilized to help discover valuable insights. We can help improve or set up data storage systems and automate collation and cleaning to enhance data quality.

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We deliver since 2014 and have been growing ever since, our team and expertise are expanding from year to year to meet client needs.

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