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Disc Depot is one of Dundee’s leading digital repair centre and computer shop. On this website you can browse both the services offered and find out about the wide range of goods available from city centre store.

Controlled Issuance & Reconciliation of Forms (CIRF) – Print Control

This application is to keep track of all documents been printed by their employees and reconcile them when get printed document returned, this help them to achieve Pharma compliances.

Microlent – Asset Lifecycle Cost Modelling System

Whether you’re a developer, housing association or manufacturer, our innovative software – ALCMS – compares whole-life benefits, costs and risks throughout the entire asset life cycle. ALCMS takes a holistic approach, looking at the wider benefits to society such as safety, sustainability and environmental impact. At Microlent, our specialists in asset management have brought expertise and understanding from other industries to develop ALCMS.

RPA Based Solutions

This is a Robotic Process Automation Tool built to Record the human actions on computer and then perform repetitively as and when required by RPA Application. It has capability to Record any Desktop and Web application’s data and action, and then it can play/perform those actions

Seed Cleaning Management System

Seed cleaning is the process of removal of any debris or low-quality, infested, or infected seeds and seeds of different species (weeds) that are foreign to the sample.

Smart Locker

This is Locker solution built to provide , using this application the user can see available lockers, can rent a locker and the identity is maintained with Wrist Band, which means when ever he keep his wrist band near/touch the locker, it will auto open using raspberry pie device inside.