Smart Locker

This is Locker solution built to provide , using this application the user can see available lockers, can rent a locker and the identity is maintained with Wrist Band, which means when ever he keep his wrist band near/touch the locker, it will auto open using raspberry pie device inside.

Smart Locker provide solutions for all kind of storage facilities where role-based, card-based, RFID-based, or any other type of permission-based access is required.

These are digital lockers that can be set to use by a specific identity, from as simple as the replacement of office/school lockers to very complex lockers having different sensors which are used to set or get different information to/from lockers like temperature, humidity, light, gas level, and many more.

It’s a technical solution by combining hardware lockers with software and apps to make it more secure, usable, and permission oriented

Shared Lockers: such lockers of medium to large size lockers are been used by hotels, airports, malls, museums, water parks, and hostels where people can rent them to put their belongings for a specific period of time, it has a web/app and kiosk screen-based system to rent.

Office Lockers: These are of different sizes and role/permission-based lockers specially designed to cater to office needs, also have features like an alert if any specific locker is opened, having an app with it which not only used to set permissions and see logs but also to ask for a reason to open specific locker, this way an employee put a reason of opening a specific locker.

Gym Lockers: We have small size lockers which can be used in the gym to put helmets and other belongings and would be accessible by a wristband or some id cards.

Student Lockers: These lockers are used by school students to put their belongings in it which they don’t want to carry back home every day.

Phone and Wallet Lockers: these are very small size lockers that can be used in offices or places where phones and wallets are restricted.

Bank Lockers: These are small and medium-sized, very robust lockers that can be used by banks, and finance agencies for putting valuable items and documents. These lockers notify the relevant person as and when the lockers are opened and send a video (inside of the locker) of the time till the locker was opened.

Refrigerated Lockers: Target users are laboratories, Pharma, and the medical industry these are special types of lockers where different temperatures can be set for each cabin (locker) and have an option to not only set but also get temperature/humidity/gas alters which notifies users/admin for any variations.

Online Shopping: Provide your customers convenient, contactless, and speedier collection of online grocery shopping (BOPIS) with our smart exchange points. Our intelligent lockers are ideal for grocers looking to implement a scalable grocery pick-up program, automate manual pick-up programs like curtsied pick-up, or extend their pick-up service with a remote pick-up point.