Seed Cleaning Management System

Seed cleaning is the process of removal of any debris or low-quality, infested, or infected seeds and seeds of different species (weeds) that are foreign to the sample.

Our application takes orders from the farmers and then we store seeds in our storage after that some processes like germination, purity, and weeds are applied. Then provided to the Customers. When we have a shortage of seeds, we first grow them and then give them to Customers. We also manage cold storage of seeds.
• If Customer wants a single seed for their farm, they can order them according to their need and farm area.
• If the Customer wants custom mix seeds, for that we have multiple functions and also an optimised solution for calculating the number of seeds we have to mix for the particular farm area

In our application, we are providing different roles
◦ Superuser
◦ Customer
◦ Farmer
◦ Manager
• Every user has different functionality depending upon his or her role.
• The super user is the admin of our application he or she is the one who will be able to create, delete, update and set or disable the rights of any other user.
• We have a master section where we can store the records/details of all the farms we have, fields, labs, lab tests, family, species, product category, seed
groups, seeds, product, screen, bag type, line, carrier, price
• In this, we can generate the invoice.
• In this, we have a feature like if the customer wants their order to come in parts then we can generate the invoice accordingly.
• In this, we can create a new job, specify its status, project name, the test required, etc.
• In this, we have a custom mix section, where if the customer wants to mix seeds or a mixture of seeds rather than only one type of seeds then also it can be
• In this, we can a product detail list where we can see a description of a specific product in detail.
• We can track inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries
• In this, we have a customer management system where we are managing the company’s relationships with potential and existing customers in this we can
active and inactive any customer depending upon our need. For example, if the customer didn’t order in the last 2 months then we can inactive them and
add active status to those who order frequently so that it will be easy for the company to contact those customers
• In this, we can list the expected recurring sales of multiple products over a period of time.


Site and credentials:

• URL:-

• Username: admin

• Password: manchester661