RPA Based Solutions

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This is a Robotic Process Automation Tool built to Record the human actions on computer and then perform repetitively as and when required by RPA Application. It has capability to Record any Desktop and Web application’s data and action, and then it can play/perform those actions

We have expertise in building Software solutions which can replace/automate many repetitive tasks performed on computers.

We can provide you solution with capability to mimics the same “manual” path taken through applications by an end-user. It is
typically used to automate repetitive tasks previously performed by humans as an effective way to cut costs, eliminate keying
errors, speed up processes and easily link applications together. These tasks can be successfully modeled and converted into a
business process and then automated using a combination of (UI) interactions, connectors to client servers, mainframes,
databases, the web, and others.

RPA in Human Resource Management

Use Case: HR manager want a solution that can make employee onboarding easier and reduce efforts to perform same
operation again and again. Let’s understand with and example. For a company X, if a new employee joins, then HR is required to
create 5 different accounts for various systems where employee can access company data, accounting, mails etc. After that IT
person need to be notified after registration so they can create employees AD account. Once employee onboarding process
complete system should send email with some details and registration complete acknowledgement to new employee.Let’s find
out difference between manual process and RPA with below diagrams.

RPA in Health Care

Healthcare organisations operate in real-time, without any slack. Cumbersome, error-prone tasks slow down processes and
affect everything from cost structures to compliance to the patient experience. RPA software creates efficiencies by
automating tasks that improve the accuracy of data and reporting and enable decisions to be made more quickly. This
translates to cost savings and ultimately means that resources can be utilised where they are needed most.
In healthcare, RPA can be used for following things:
– Manage and schedule patient appointments
– Billing and processing
– Records management
– Communications
– Administrative data entry

Use Case: Update doctor & patient with patient’s diagnostics report. Such work is repetitive which can be done via RPA. See below
diagram for more details