Microlent – Asset Lifecycle Cost Modelling System


Whether you’re a developer, housing association or manufacturer, our innovative software – ALCMS – compares whole-life benefits, costs and risks throughout the entire asset life cycle. ALCMS takes a holistic approach, looking at the wider benefits to society such as safety, sustainability and environmental impact. At Microlent, our specialists in asset management have brought expertise and understanding from other industries to develop ALCMS.

We can help you achieve optimised housing solutions with a maximum return on investment.

Organisations have used ALCMS to identify the optimum build solution for a particular development, and use the data produced to support a business case wether that be for additional funding or within your organisation.

ALCMS isn’t just to be used for new builds, you can use it to analyse options of your ageing stock, and identify the best value for money method of handling these properties.

With ALCMS, you can identify everything from an entire development site to an individual asset such as a washing machine, ensuring you are achieving maximum value for money across your assets.

Our goal at Asset Lifecycle Cost Modelling System is to work with our clients to adopt a whole-life cost-focused approach to managing homes, from cradle to grave.

By applying the asset management principles set out in ISO 55001 to create an innovative and new Strategic Asset Management Plan, we are able to demonstrate a strong business case in favour of modern methods of construction (MMC) over traditional builds, something that they were unable to demonstrate prior to this project.