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Who We Are

Microlent Systems Pvt. Ltd. Company is not just a company but it is a dream of many hearts and the efforts of many brains. The journey started with two diligently passionate souls, they turned the table and changed their status from employee to employer. When intelligence meets empathy and leadership, an entrepreneur is born.


Microlent Systems is a Leading Indian Agency according to IndiaToday, we build top-notch digital solutions from design to development.


Today's software should not only be smart but also convenient. We help our clients to achieve goals faster through design and technological thinking.


We have a team of 60 trusted professionals who are available to augment our clients in-house teams or work on a per-project basis.

Why Choose Us

Reduce Costs

Due to our approach and hourly rates, we’re able to save up to 50% of your development costs, and double the speed of product launch.

Digital Transformation

Clouds, Machine Learning, Data Science — we have expertise in many emerging technologies to accelerate your business growth.

Allocate Team

We’ll allocate a team for you in a short time, to solve highly specialized tasks, we’re able to hire specialists in the necessary fields.

Brave Thinking that
Breaks the Mold

A Few Numbers

  • 60
    Professional in house
  • 80%
    Skilled engineers in team
  • 03
    Project offices in India
  • 08
    Productive years on market
  • 335
    Projects delivered to clients
  • 20
    Industry awards in 2019

Our Clients

Let's Work Together

Because teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.