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About Us

Founded in 2013, Microlent Systems is a brainchild of two passionate technocrats who wanted established companies and startups to reimagine their operations through the digital lens. With a strong team of 60+ trusted professionals, we have become a technology co-partner for hundreds of national and international businesses looking for cutting-edge digital solutions.
As one of the leading software and application development agencies in India, we specialize in delivering customized solutions that successfully meet the expectations and needs of our clients. Our bespoke solutions empower our clients and provide them a competitive edge to lead and succeed.
With vast expertise in leading IT technologies, domain experience, and a passion for leadership and excellence, we deliver top-notch enterprise-grade solutions to our diverse range of technology and industry clients, including startups and Fortune 500 companies.


Microlent Systems is a Leading Indian Agency according to IndiaToday, we build top-notch digital solutions from design to development.


Today's software should not only be smart but also convenient. We help our clients to achieve goals faster through design and technological thinking.


We have a team of 60 trusted professionals who are available to augment our clients in-house teams or work on a per-project basis.

Why Microlent?

Domain Expertise

From frontend and backend coding languages, frameworks to next-gen technologies, like Big Data and Internet of Things, our in-house professionals are well-versed in building solutions across a broad spectrum.
Our experience of working with businesses across industries has provided us exceptional insights that enable us to better understand business-specific problems and build solutions that help our clients lead from the front.

Support and Scalability

Our software and application development methodology is what sets us apart. A dedicated team would be assigned to your project based on your objectives with transparent communication with you at every critical step to ensure that the final product effectively fulfills your business objectives.
To deliver cutting-edge solutions and ensure project completion within the pre-defined timeline, we also temporarily hire specialists when required so that the quality of the product is never compromised in any manner.

Affordable Services, Lasting Solutions

We are one of the few ISO 9001:2005 certified companies to adopt the hourly rate structure. Combined with our unique development approach, this payment structure has become one of our USPs. This ensures that rather than a flat fee, you only pay for the service you use.

In several cases, this helps our clients reduce the project costs by up to 50% and accelerates product launch. Moreover, this also allows us to provide our services to startups and SMEs looking for lasting IT solutions within a limited budget.

Mission & Vision

At Microlent, our priority has always been to help our clients upgrade to newer technologies in the most seamless manner. We help them untangle complex business problems that are unavoidable in digital evolution and encourage constant innovation so that they can effectively grow amid the rising competition.
Be it a next-gen enterprise solution or a consumer-focused mobile application; we lead the entire project right from ideation to delivery to become a one-stop solution for our clients. Quality, integrity, honesty, affordability, and client success are the pillars on which we have built Microlent. Rather than being just a solution provider, we become your co-partners and play a critical role in your growth story.

Brave Thinking that
Breaks the Mold

A Few Numbers

  • 60
    Professional in house
  • 80%
    Skilled engineers in team
  • 03
    Project offices in India
  • 08
    Productive years on market
  • 335
    Projects delivered to clients
  • 20
    Industry awards in 2019

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