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Android Apps

Pilot and commander in RO2 and RO3 need from 02/01/17 have passed drone exam to perform flight.

Drone Examination conducted electronically on the computer in the NPRA.

They are prepared multiple-choice questions that have 4 alternative answers, which one of these answers are correct.

To achieve passing the candidate must have minimum 75% correct answers. We have developed an APP with tests and sample exams in curriculum that is required to pass the CAA examination.

The app covers a representative sample of questions you get via e-examination of the CAA.

We take reservations for any errors in the app, please contact us if you see something that is wrong.

Years of testing has produced an easy-to-use design allowing the Angler to discover patterns that catch fish and win tournaments.

Have you ever wanted to know what lures to fish on a South West wind, a Full Moon, or Cloudy conditions?

How about what depth to fish when the water is stained? What colours are the best in March?

Fish Cacher can do this and much more by leveraging your past catches to give you predictable patterns.

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